Effectively using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Broadwing has helped many organizations effectively use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to achieve their goals. Our deep understanding of, and years of experience with AWS allows us to accelerate clients use of AWS.

We combine our experience and knowledge of AWS with our DevOps capabilities, our ability to advise on technology leadership, and our software engineering expertise. 

Whether our clients are new to cloud computing and need help transforming to a cloud native architecture, want to increase their velocity in software development by taking advantage of AWS services and API’s, need consultation on making use of an AWS service, or just need to increase their DevOps capabilities- Broadwing has a proven track record of delivering high value solutions to our clients.

Some of the ways our clients have made use of Broadwing to improve their usage of AWS:

  • Setup and operate their entire AWS infrastructure
  • Help migrate them to an IaC methodology
  • Implement security monitoring controls using CloudWatch and Lambda
  • Setup data infrastructure, including ETL pipelines, Data Lakes, Analytics
  • Build and operate new products
  • Optimize performance, visibility and reliability 

AWS offers incredible power, flexibility, scalability and unique services. Broadwing’s team have worked with AWS since its earliest days, and continue to work with it on a daily basis.

Some of the clients we have helped utilize AWS are shown.

We would be excited to discuss how we can help your organization take advantage of AWS. If you are interested, please contact us below.

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